word.daily (September 10, 2014)

LYSOL YOUR DESK, PLEASE: A lovely gross new study says your office building is basically made of diseases. This message is not sponsored by HR, but Alex and Jody would prefer if you sign up for flu shots. I would too.

DATA DATA DATA: Meet the data scientist behind the OkCupid matches. He lives in Williamsburg and has never been on an online date.

DON’T MAKE A CRAIGLIST AD FOR A FALL BOYFRIEND: In other exciting dating/data news, half of our country’s adult population is single for the first time in history. Yay for the Bureau of Labor Statistics!

CONGRATULATIONS BABY YOU’RE ENGAGED: How one woman gamed Facebook to get her posts to the top of the newsfeed for four days straight. (See what I did there? Get it?)


word.daily (September 3, 2014)

VOLUNTEERING AND VINYASAS: New York City gyms are beginning to offer work-trade programs, where you can exchange volunteer work for workout sessions. If you’re down to pack away equipment and take all of the dumbbells people left in the squat racks, you could take spin classes or hot yoga for free. It’s happening right in our hood – Revolve Fitness in Union Square is one of the gyms participating. [LINK]

FOUR MORE YEARS FOUR MORE BEERS: Graduate Hotels is piloting a $500 million project in college towns across the country, where the boutique hotels resemble a distinct collegiate aesthetic. Unfortunately, the early mockup that include a red Solo cup portrait won’t make it to the final rooms. [LINK]

A ROSE IS STILL A ROSE: University of Chicago researchers found that liberal parents tend to pick more feminine, softer-sounding names; conservatives choose masculine, tougher-sounding titles for their babes. We could have guessed that strict conservative families weren’t going to name their children Apple or Meadow, but this is a new phenomenon that started after the 1950s and 60s, when names were much blander. [LINK]

- Ariel

word. daily. (september 2, 2014)


Let’s go Halfsies: Initiative Halfsies, let’s you donate half of your food before it is even served to you.  A bunch of restaurants in Austin and New York are signed up for the program where diners have the choice to pay for a full meal but receive half the portion size – the other half goes to people in the city who don’t have money to get their own food.  

Need a Personal Bouncer? No problem! SF-based startup Bannerman is a new service that provides professional private security for any event or venue…on demand. What’s next in service sector that can be disrupted with app-enabled, super-quick turnarounds like this?

Emoji Tracker: For those of you whom I have exchanged text messages with, you know that I am a huge fan (read: chronic overuser) of emojis. So naturally, this makes me say “word.” It’s a real-time tracker of emojis being used on Twitter. No surprise here, but it seems the most frequently used emojis are the faces and the hearts. “Suspension railway” is used the least. 

— Lauren M.

word.daily (august 27, 2014)

BRANDS CONTINUE TO BEHAVE BADLY: My love for Zara is limitless, but the brand made a serious fashion faux pas this week with a “sheriff-themed” children’s shirt that resembles a concentration camp uniform. After serious social media backlash, Zara pulled the shirt from stores today. Oof.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Designer Yang Liu tackles gender clichés in her new book “Man Meets Woman” by reducing stereotypes to pictograms. The illustrations are top-notch and thought-provoking.

REAL OR NOT REAL: Three engineering students in Chile have designed a bicycle frame that effectively locks itself around a pole. Could the unstealable bike exist? Could it?

ADVERTISING GENDER SWAPS: Apparently stereotypes are on my mind today. TakePart contributors took a series of advertising photos and photoshopped men in place of all of the women in them. Did your favorite sexist ad get some Photoshop magic?

- Ariel

word. daily. (august 25, 2014)

BRAND PARTNERS: AirBnB and IKEA and teaming up to offer some lucky Aussies lodging for one night in an… you guessed it.. IKEA store. I’d be down if there was Lingonberry tea for me in the morning.

AN AGENCY THAT ONLY HAS ONE JOB: To turn your ugly craigslist ad into a beautiful, smart ad that will help you sell.

FEEL GOOD NEWS: Jimmy Fallon thinks the real news has been too sad lately, and asked  NBC anchors from across the country to read fake news stories to make people happy

— Lauren M.

word. daily. (august 22, 2014)

FOR TRAVELERS: Country by country scams highlighted in this  “What to Avoid if You’re a Tourist” guide.

FOR MEDIOCRE PICTURE TAKERS: I know you have photos on your phone that you’ll never post because they were just “ok.” How do I know this? Please, if my “laugh off into the distance face” isn’t at the perfect angle, that puppy will never see the light of day. Wow, I am being so open today. ANYWAYS. New Castle Brown Ale wants your mediocre pictures so they can photoshop one of their bottles into your pics. The campaign’s premise is that they’ve spent too much on celebs in the past, and are now relying on us for their ads.  They are creating ads as the go, see some on their Facebook page here.

FOR ME: A better butter knife. That definitely makes me say “word.”

FOR KIPPER: NYC bodega cats tell their stories

— Lauren M.

word. daily. [august 21, 2014]

Pay attention, Spirits Team: Here’s what alcohol bottle labels would say if they were being brutally honest. CLICK ME

In Sports-related Tech News: So that Kobe Bryan could bestow his basketball awesomeness on young players, Nike created a full-sized basketball court with motion-tracking and reactive LED visualization technology built into the floor. CLICK ME

Mood Lighting: The smart people at Netflix have integrated their app with Hue connected light bulbs from Philips to change the colors of your living room light based on the movie you’re watching. CLICK ME

And… just because: CLICK MEAND ME


word. daily. [august 20, 2014]


[is this really necessary] bryant park is testing solar-powered smartphone charging stations, so you can juice your iphone after yoga in the park. meh. LINK

[status updates] what do your facebook posts say about your personality? there are word clouds. LINK

[god bless targeting] mashable shares the sixteen creepiest facebook ads LINK

[#shotsfired] good ole s-bucks is beginning to experiment with cold brew coffee in its boston stores. LINK

— Ariel 

word. daily. (august 19, 2014)

HAGGLING IS BACK AND IT FEELS SO GOOD: ATTN: GILLIAN KLINE: Recent MIT grads created an app where you can essentially “name your own price” for clothing and accessories from high end designers. Yes, it’s true and you’re able to snag pieces for at least 50 percent off.

FADE TO BLACK: To promote its new dark roast, Tim Hortons made one of their stores completely black. The outside was painted black and the inside… you couldn’t see anything unless you were wearing night vision googles (which no one had).

CANCEL ALL YOUR PLANS: & go to Point Break Live. Which is exactly what it sounds like – a live parody of Point Break.

— Lauren M.