word. daily. (sorry we’ve been MIA edition).

  • Coffee machine only brews when two people are talking around it: LINK
  • Mini car drivers dream up cool test drives and then do them: LINK
  • NYTNow, app from New York Times featuring the day’s biggest stories: LINK
  • You can now search YELP with Emoji: LINK [and Twitter is getting emojis too!! LINK]
  • A new take on movie posters: LINK
  • A map of places around the city where you can take naps: LINK (someone sent this to me but I forgot who, sowwy)
  • Tattly’s Invisible Tattoo in collab with magician: LINK

— Lauren M. 

word. daily. (march 6, 2014)

Travel-grams: What’s hot on Instagram right now? Airplane carpets, apparently.

Signature Cake: To celebrate the rich heritage of Ritz-Carlton, the brand created a rich-chocolate signature cake available at every single one of their hotels.

Caffeine-Tracker: Jawbone introduces an app that tracks your caffeine intake and how it may affect your sleep patterns.

If You’re At SX: Here’s an app to tell you the least crowded places, so you can go there instead. 

word. daily. (march 5, 2014)

The Gift You’ve Always Wanted: A stamp of your face.

Home Improvement: To create buzz, German home improvement chain, OBI redid small spaces in older, run-down buildings. Fresh paint and trim and a sign off “renovated by OBI.”

NYC Crying Guide: They say, that New York City sidewalks sees every emotion – happy, mad, and especially sad. People just cry on the streets and that’s fine because no one is looking at you anyway. BUT, in case you wanted somewhere a little more private to let the tears flow, here’s a tumblr of spots perfect for your water works, for example the second floor of the Duane Reade on 5th Ave between 44th and 45th (via Abha).

NYC Happy Guide: Inspired by Pharrell’s “Happy” video, one videographer wants to shoot New Yorkers in various places that make them happy — so probably not in the Duane Reade on 5th Ave between 44th and 45th.

word. daily. (feb 10, 2014)

Up Close & Personal: Photographer Chuck Close photographs 20 Hollywood notables with a giant Polaroid camera – and asks them to leave the stylists and makeup teams behind (via Frani).

Mind Boggling States from #EsuranceSave30: More than 200,000 entries in the first minute alone, and over five tweets million total and 2.6 billion social impressions. #earnedmediafordays

Frostvertising: Restaurant Mucho Burrito is melting messages into icy car windows encouraging people to come chow down and stay warm with them.

Study of the Week: Check out this Intelligence Report on Instagram – evaluating the digital performance of brands on the platform.

 Just So You Have It All In One Place: Hot guys of the Olympics.

— Lauren M

word. daily. (january 23, 2014)

No More Terrible Tourist Photos: Students at the Miami Ad School created #noshittyphotos – they scoured tourist hot spots for the best views and then spray-painted little feet where tourists should stand and point and shoot, ensuring they will have a good picture.

Selfie Police: Students at BYU developed an idea that has students donating – every time you are caught taking a self, you “owe humanity a dollar.” Money raised is going to student load to college-aged kids in developing countries.

Creative Office Space of The Week: I am crushin’ on the new installation for Airbnb’s office. I am also crushin’ on the designer who did it. I saw him in a bar once but didn’t make a move. Well as they say, “In the end we only regret the chances we don’t take…”

— Lauren

word. daily. (january 10, 2014)

Honky TONX: Taking a shot at Starbucks, coffee delivery service Tonx says you can use your Starbucks gift card on their site – “a standard $20 Starbucks gift card (which equates to three to four coffees) will magically become around 24 cups of home-brewed, fresh-roasted Tonx,” the release says.  

Reinvention of the Week: How about we give the egg carton a makeover?

Ladies Against Humanity: Riffing off “Cards Against Humanity” is “Ladies Against Humanity” for ladies, by ladies (via resident ladies’ man @JesseL).

— Lauren M.

Happy New Year!

This year, rather than make resolutions that are soon-to-be broken, we all made wishes for the coming year. While some M Boothers wished that tikki huts would make a comeback and others wished for shorter lines at Starbucks (click here for the full wishlist), all of us wished for a way to help those in need. So, we’ve donated a thousand meals to Citymeals in the names of our clients, colleagues and friends.

Here’s hoping all your wishes come true in the year ahead! 

From all of us here at M Booth!

word. daily. (january 6, 2014)

BAWX: Bawx, which I can only assume was created by a couple of Long Islanders, is a company that sells empty boxes from $25 - $500. That’s a lot for a box!, you exclaim. Yes, but it is more than just a box. The box becomes anything a child can imagine (think: Cain’s Arcade) and the money you spent is actually a donation to  a children’s charity.

“____ King:” Greenpeace and Studio Hacked re-edited the opening scene to Disney’s “The Lion King” to take out all the lions and hyenas and birds and Rafiki to showcase a world without animals (Spoiler alert: it’s pretty bleak).   

Men… Would You Use? Caffeinated shaving cream gives you a boost of energy. 

— Lauren M.