word. daily. [welcome back, welcome back, welcome back edition].

ICE CASE: Russian World Cup Fans in Brazil are not used to the heat down there, so Skol, the most popular beer of the host country, gave out six-packs to Russian fans, in an ice case so they could cool down.

MORE BEER: The Dogfish Head Brewery opens the Dogfish Inn. Road trip anyone?

STRATEGY DECK: Check out this deck of cards that you can’t play Gin Rummy with, but they may help your business. It’s a deck with tips on communication strategies.  You can download them here.

And because we are Americans every day, not just Independence day, 247 Years Of American Flags, Visualized.

word. daily. [girls, girls, girls edition].

WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL?: Human interest reporter, Esther Honig, wanted to examine Photoshop and the standards of beauty across cultures globally. So, she uploaded a photo of herself and got people in over 40 countries to make that photo of her “beautiful” using Photoshop. The results are wild! (via Frani)

#LIKEAGIRL: Always knocks it out of the park with their ode to what it means to do something “like a girl.”

TEN TEDS EVERY WOMEN SHOULD WATCH: Glamour compiled a list of inspiring TED talks for women. One of my favorites is Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability.

HOW TO RESPOND TO A DBAG: With the lyrics to “All Star.”

— Lauren M.

word. daily. [june 17, 2014]

BIC Pens Create Universal Font From Crowdsourced Handwriting

BIG DATA VS CREATIVE JUDGEMENT: Who can predict Cannes Lion Winners better? The Leo Burnett team or Decoded’s Oracle (a machine that crunches data). Read about it and follow the winner here.

  • Also, Chiptole just won Cannes PR Award for their anti-big-food ad you might remember [I’m looking at you Niffy].

THE WORLD FONT:  People from around the world sent in their handwriting and BIC created a universal font from all the samples.

FAKE DIGITS: Ever been in a bar and you are wing-girling it and that dreaded guy asks for your number? What do you do?? I’ve been saying, “Sorry, I gave up giving out my phone number for lent.” That’s actually worked. Anyways, you can also give that guy this number – and when he texts you, it will text back a feminist quote. (via Lauren F) 

— Lauren M.

word. daily. [auto edition]

Special Ops: If you want a six-wheeled Ranger Rover decked in armor-plated unobtanium, check out the newly launched Special Operations unit at Jaguar Land Rover. “When things are going well, we want to do something different, something really exciting,” JLR Chief Executive Dr. Ralf Speth says, “The top end of our customer base has grown, so we’ve created a specialist team to enhance and personalise the experience our most discerning customers have with our brands.”

Interesting Brand Partnership: Ford and Heinz have come together to explore turning tomato parts, unused in the ketchup making process, into usable car materials.

The Future of Cars: Will they fly? Will they be like submarines? Will they have moon doors?

Throwback Monday: Do you remember the Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank video that went viral last year? The creator, Rahat, is at it again  — but this time for a brand. Toyota asked him to do a second iteration of the prank, this time in Europe. 

— Lauren M.

If Game of Thrones Characters Were on Social Media

To celebrate this Sunday’s finale of Game of Thrones Season 4, we decided to take a look at our favorite characters and transport them to 2014. Game of Thrones characters love being social, so it was only natural to think about which social media networks would be their favorites. Check it out below, and tweet us (@MBoothPR) which platform you think your favorite characters would use.

Summer may be here, but remember, winter is coming.

(Spoilers up through Season 4 Episode 9)



Tyrion Lannister: Our favorite imp would definitely be a tweeter. Tyrion’s affinity for wine and books would make for many retweetable nuggets of wisdom. For example: “It’s not easy being drunk all the time. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Joffrey Baratheon: Long may he reign! Given his narcissism and penchant for violence, the late King Joffrey would have had a fondness for displaying his mischievous antics (and selfies of course) on Instagram. His subjects would be under strict orders to “like” every picture, further building the ego of our favorite villain. If you’re going to follow Joff, expect plenty of beheaded bodies accompanied by the perfect filter.

Margaery Tyrell: Another dead king means another potential wedding for this Tyrell. What better place to look for a new wedding dress than Pinterest? At least now she doesn’t have to pin to her private quoteboard, “Twisted Things Joffrey Said.”

Lord Varys: The Spider would likely use the new social networks Whisper and Secret.  These anonymous platforms would give the Master of Whispers all the information he needs on the comings and goings of Westeros’ citizens. He may even be tempted to leave a message of his own about his intricate plans…

Sansa Stark: Poor Sansa Stark would try to find solace in the News Feed on Facebook. Her posts would range from mourning the loss of her family to posing questions about what Littlefinger’s master plan really is. Unfortunately her engagement would be lackluster. (You can’t publicly show loyalty to a traitor.) Also, don’t share any Direwolf memes with Sansa; that would surely bring her to tears.

Tywin Lannister: The current Hand of the King would find great use in LinkedIn. Anyone important in Westeros would want to be connected to Tywin Lannister. If you visit his page, endorse one of his many skills, such as arranging marriages or insulting his children.

Arya Stark: This budding young warrior would be quite the standout on Snapchat. She has the spunk and confidence needed to send deadly snaps to all those on her kill list.

Daenerys Targaryen: Dany would clearly be a user of Tumblr. The visual nature of the platform would be perfect for documenting her journey and fight against injustice and slavery. Let’s not forget the occasional dragon GIF posted to inspire fear in her enemies.

Melisandre: The Red Priestess of the Lord of Light would use Vine to post 6 second clips of her magic and sorcery. Killer smoke babies would definitely go viral.

Bran Stark: The heir of the North who can’t walk would be a constant user of the new question and answer platform, Jelly. What is the three-eyed crow? Why am I turning into a wolf? Why is my whole family dead? How did I just take over the body of my good friend, Hodor?

Jon Snow: Do you really think Jon Snow is posting on social media? He’s stuck between a wall and hard place; Wildings and blue-eyed zombies are approaching. If he has to say anything, he does so via exclusive interviews with the New York Times.

Hodor: HODOR HODOR HODOR (translation: Hodor would use all the social networks, because, quite frankly, he has a lot to say).


Thanks to Bobby, Dana, Carrie, Devon, Gillian, Lauren

Image source: televisionismypatronus

word. daily. (june 3, 2014)

APARTMENT HUNTING? The Onion’s got you covered with this “informational video” about how to find the perfect place and impress the realtor.

WHAT’S YOUR AGE, WHAT’S YOUR SIGN? Data king extraordinaire Nate Silver examines how to tell a woman’s age when all you know is her name. The median living Mildred is 78 years old; Madison is probably on a youth soccer team.

HBD, SHAKE SHACK. Our very own Madison Square Park Shake Shack turns 10 next week and to celebrate, notable chefs (think: David Chang, Daniel Boulud, April Bloomfield) have created special burgers that will be served from June 9 to 13. The Momofuku Shrimp Stack debuts on June 10.

— Ariel

word. daily. (june 2, 2014)

1188 Deep, Hipsterish “Words on Pictures” Parody

SLOW FAST COOKIN’: Arby’s has a limited edition Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, which is smoked for 13 hours, and to help build buzz for the ‘wich, the brand ran a 13 hour commercial of beef brisket smoking. It breaks the Guinness World Record for longest commercial.

DRINK TILL YOU DROP: Or not. A campaign from Japanese bar chain Yaocho gives us a look at what happens in Japan – people get drunk and then… fall asleep on the street. The bar placed ads around the city and captured people drunk sleeping on them. This would also do well in Penn Station.

QUOTE PARODIES: A series of Instagram quotables – with a twist.

FOR THE BAKER: Engraved rolling pins.

— Lauren

word. daily. (may 28, 2014)


A LIFE OF GREAT DESIGNS: Modernist graphic designer Massimo Vignelli died earlier today at the age of 83, leaving the Internet to mourn his passing and celebrate his timeless work. He is most known for New York City’s subway system map, but he also designed the iconic Bloomingdale’s Brown Bag.

TREAT YOURSELF WHILE YOU TRAVEL: JetBlue is bringing some new goodies to the traveling public over at their home at JFK’s Terminal 5. Last week the massage chairs and blow dryers were fired up for the first time, as Be Relax spa just opened. [Still waiting for DryBar to open airport locations]

YOGA TRUCKS ARE THE NEW BLACK: W Hotels’ yoga truck will be traveling around Manhattan today as part of its “FIT with Tara Stiles” program. Stiles, a yoga guru, will truck around town inside a glass box, demonstrating in-room poses and workouts she designed for W travelers. [it’ll be at the flatiron building at 6:15 pm today; namaste]

ENOUGH WITH THE MUSTACHES ALREADY: 7-Eleven has announced that they are “rolling out” a 26-ounce plastic mason jar for Slurpees and a matching “mustache straw.” The “on-trend Slurpee accessories” are a vital part of the “Slurpee Summer of Fun,” but supplies are limited. #Yawn

— Ariel 

word. daily. (happy long weekend edition).

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SHOE SALE: Heineken organized a giant shoe sale this Saturday in Brazil, the same day at the Champions League final between the Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid. The point of the sale? To give women something interesting to do during the game (boyfriends and husbands would be left at home… to watch the game in peace).

ANALOG SOCIAL NETWORK: MFA students at SVA created an analog social network inside of WantedDesign, one of the biggest design exhibitions during NYCxDesign week. #LIKE

GRADUATION SEASON: NPR handpicked over 300 of the best commencement speeches, dating back to 1774. One of my favorites is David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech at Kenyon, which is not in the NPR library. So here it is (A videographer put Kenyon’s words over a video he made for it). And Charlie Day’s commencement speech this past weekend at his alma mater Merrimack, has been popular with my Facebook friends. 

— Lauren

word. daily. (may 21, 2014)

[move over olivia pope] how did instagram become the best crisis pr?

[valencia or kelvin] tens’ tinted sunglasses make everything look like an Instagram photo

[actually SFW; don’t email alfredo] pornhub is about to unleash its first national ad campaign ATTN: WE VIBE

[all the colors of the rainbow] tumblr of the day – tiny objects matching their pantone colors

[cat.technology] do you really need a reason to watch kittens playing with ipads?

— Ariel