The #AIMname Game

Like most people tied to the social media world, we on the FirstWord Digital team often get nostalgic for simpler times. Times before “influencers” and  “circles.” When users were known only by the names they gave themselves: Screen names.
Today, we are kicking off a “remember when” conversation with the launch of the hashtag “#AIMname,” around original, funny and creative screen name/s that take us back to the days of chat rooms, away messages and 56K modems.
We’ve kicked off the conversation with some of our closest friends in the industry, which you can find below, but don’t think you’re off the hook…
What is/was your #AIMname?
Oh, and if you are really feeling into some ‘90s nostalgia, join us in the #aimname room.

- The FWD team

Jean Aw
Founder of NotCot
significance ~ late night in high school ~ got as a free email ~ b/c it rhymed all ‘hop on pop’ like ~ then it became a screen name ~ handle for everything ~ on my art stuff in college/etc ~ and it stuck. Then when i needed a url ~ of course thats what i had around? and the rest is…. history? ;)

Adam Hirsch
Chief Operations Officer, Mashable
I was “Bobad33”… combo of my brother BOBby, me Adam and Patrick Ewing’s # 33.

David Pessah
Social Media Manager at Thrillist / co-founder at Children of Privilege
What was your #aimname? WuSwordsman
What inspired it? I was a massive Wu-Tang fan. I can still rap most of “Triumph” from memory.
When was the last time you used it? Middle School.

Emily Gannett
Founder of IRL Productions
What was your #aimname? emilie1122
What was it Inspired by?
Everyone picked a name for french class in high school.  Mine was Emilie and emilie wasn’t available.  I probably tried other variations of emilie123 and emilie1234 before settling on this.
When did you last use it? I was trying to use it to recover an old apple itunes library…but I couldn’t remember the password… and my dad is the primary account holder and he can’t remember it either so whatever music is out there I guess I’m not going to get it.  I’ll live - Spotify and are keeping me pretty occupied.

Joey Rubin
Founder of Taste NYC
What was your #aimname? iijobeatsii
What inspired it? thinking I would be a music producer and called myself Jo.
When was the last time you used it? STILL DO

Katie Longmyer
Founder of GoodPeoples
#aimname: Katertot2
inspiration: a pet nickname given to me by a good friend (it eventually was shortened to “tot” in reference to my height)
when did I use it: I still do! old habits die hard ;)

Natan Edelsburg
Supervising Producer at Shorty Awards & Vice President at Sawhorse Media
#aimname: My #aimname was Nebball15 (I also own Nebball14, Nebball17, Neball18 …through Nebball50)
Inspiration: It was March 1995 (I was 7) and I had to come up with something as we were creating our AOL account. We came up with: Ne (Natan Edelsburg) bball (basketball was my favorite sport) 15 (the day I was born in November).

Pat Kiernan
NY1 anchor
I never did AIM. I was for years. 74357.2630@Compuserve.combefore that!

Scott Lehmann
Executive Director - Strategic Partnerships & Events for Esquire Magazine
AIM: HeyMerrr2004
Inspired it: College joke with roommates
Last used: Used AIM yesterday.

Zach Mack
Editor: Netted by the Webby Awards
#aimname: My first #aimname was DrEvil097
inspired:…inspire, of course, by Austin Powers
Last used: Even as a 12 year old, I knew this was a bad screen name. I retired it in 1998.

Jesse Kirshbaum
CEO of NUEAgency
What was your #aimname? JesseKay3000
What inspired it? I had JesseKay2000 in 1998-99 as my first email address on AIM and then once it hit 2000 it felt dated so I went with 3000.  I had it before Andre3000. I own it for google, yahoo and skype too.
When was the last time you used it? I use it every few days or so. When I sign on i get bombarded by old school players and new school foolz and it can be a fun distraction.

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    first AIM name specifically but,...choosylucy11. Choosy
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    My first AOL name was diva7484. Diva because I was a dancer then my birthday day and year. July 4 1984. So original...
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    A fun experiment with M Booth today. If you’re on twitter take a moment to tweet out your #aimname and get all nostalgic...
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