The CEO of today not only has to have skills and IQ, there has to be a healthy dose of EQ [emotional intelligence]. Millennials today want to work for a company that cares about them and it’s important that we humanize the CEO. I think a lot of women CEOs can do well in today’s environment because we humanize ourselves a lot more and we listen a lot more.
Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi, at BlogHer

It’s All About Food (and Blogging) at BlogHer Food

As you may know, the annual BlogHer Food conference took place this past weekend in Atlanta, to talk about all things food. To give you a bit of background on the conference, there were two days jam-packed with sessions, sampling and speakers, and I bounced around like a ping-pong ball, trying to take a bite out of every session I could! Some key takeaways:

The first panel I went to was “Fast, Healthy, Family-Friendly: Not the Oxymoron You Might Think!" about healthy family meals. This panel consisted of three food experts, all talking about their best schools of thought for feeding a family right on a tight budget and in the most efficient manner possible. I immediately thought about my client Country Crock and family dinnertime. The consensus was to focus on fresh, organic foods, meal planning to make dinnertime easy, and child involvement to help teach them at a young age what healthy eating is all about.   All the panelists enthusiastically agreed that veggies are king and that kids will be open to trying more veggies if they are home-grown. They also talked a lot about using leftovers creatively to keep kids excited at mealtime and that there should be absolutely no technology at the dinner table. Snack time is important to make sure that they are snacking correctly, so parents should be encouraged to get kids involved in all aspects of food preparation.

The “Taking Your Blog Content to Mobile" session was really interesting, especially because of the increase in recipe widgets and other easy ways people are looking to get new and fresh meal ideas in a snap. The panelists said that only 5% of the population has a tablet device, so mobile apps are still a growing trend, but something that will definitely continue to grow in the future, especially with recipe  apps like Gourmet Live and Foodgawker.

In “SEO Smackdown,” I learned that when writing blog posts, it is important to make sure that SEO is used, but in the right fashion. Advice included making sure there is an over-arching topic that is strongly present in one spot, rather than peppered throughout the post, so as not to weaken the authenticity of the post.  The panelists also mentioned that it is important to maintain a consistent voice for your readers and keep it steady throughout to hold the attention of your audience. Linking to other sites once or twice in the post allows bloggers to get the message across through their own trusted voice, and once the reader is drawn in, they will be more likely to trust the website that was linked to (assuming they are not already believers).

When I wasn’t moving from session to session, there was a never-ending parade of food samples, literature and coupons to benefit from, as this is a hotspot for brands to exhibit their current product offerings and make a big splash in front of a lot of people in one place. If you want a more in-depth idea of what went down at the conference, check it out on the BlogHer site here.


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