word. daily. (of the day edition).

Pop Up of the Day: For Art Basel Miami, Colette created a pop-up drive-thru for people to buy one of a kind pieces of art, fashion accessories and other goodies of the sort.

Actually The Most Practical Thing of the Day: A chess set where the pieces are mini planters for your herbs. Both the game and growing herbs take patience and planning ahead – this makes so much sense!

Interesting News of the Day: Billy Joel has announced he will be moving IN to MSG – he will join the list of Madison Square Garden franchises – all sports teams currently – and will play a show at the Garden once a month, for as long as there is a demand for it. 

-- Lauren 

word. daily. (september 5, 2013)

Live Stream Yourself: Thanks to new iPhone app, Yevvo you can broadcast a live stream of…yourself. Too bad Emily M didn’t have this last night for the first night of Rosh Hashanah. Thankfully, I’m getting this to you JUST in time for night two, Em.

What Does Facebook Taste Like: Apparently like sugary sweets and chewing gum – just what I thought! Two ice cream makers in Croatia created a Facebook-flavored ice cream to attract Facebook-fanatics.

Drink of the Week: A Bloody Mary garnished with a slew of amazing things including a bacon cheeseburger slider. Via Adam!

Glasses Case Features Customer’s Faces: Korean eyewear brand grafik:plastic created a new packaging for their latest campaign. They printed profile photos of customers and wrapped the glasses cases in them – so it appears as though the person is modeling the glasses.

— Lauren 

word. daily. (september 4, 2013)

Charitable Prisoners: To help meet its fundraising coals, the Peruvian Cancer society launched a campaign targeted at prisoners: and it worked.

Cracking the US OPEN: Heineken launched an Instagram campaign for the US Open — It’s a scavenger hunt using pictures of a mock-tennis-crowd. My write-up is doing it no justice – check it out! Via Gillian.

Slow-Mo Wedding Photo Booth: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you had one!

— Lauren M.

word. daily. (september 2, 2013)

Graphic Design for the Masses: Check out this new online tool that is aiming to lower the barrier of entry to graphic design. Canva has a collection of fonts and images and an easy-to-use interface for people like me to not create things in Microsoft Paint.

Snapchat for Twitter: Spirit is a service for Twitter that allows users to make their tweets disappear after a set amount of time.

Instagram Hotel: This hotel in Sydney is themed around Instagram. The lobby has a mural of Instas taken in the space and there is a spot for guests to take #selfies when they check-in. Looks like Emily M should quit her day job.

— Lauren M.

word. daily. (july 31, 2013)

The Awkward Years Project: I’m rallying we do an agency-wide version of this – Photographer Merilee Allred has a series of photos that depicts people photographed holding a photo of themselves during one of their more awkward phases.

Mash Up of The Week: Rappers and cereal. YES. Mackle S’Mores FTW.

Honest Commerce: On honest.by, a clothing e-commerce site, they’ve listed  information on manufacturing, price calculation and carbon footprint detail that goes into making each garment

— Lauren M. 

word. daily. (animal edition).

The Ants Go Marching: In an campaign organized by WWF, 500,000 ants marched in protest of deforestation. How? Slogans like “Save Tress” and “Ban the Saw” were laser-cut onto leaves and were then carried around by the unsuspecting ants.

Shark Week is Back!!: For the 26th anniversary of Shark Week, Discovery Channel will be hosting an underwater Google Hangouts with sharks from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Wolverine Ads: The best poster idea for “Wolverine” didn’t come from an agency – it came from vandal Poster Boy. Check it out here!

Wolverine possesses animal-keen senses, so he does fit in to the word. daily. animal edition.

— Lauren M. 

word. daily. (july 18, 2012)

LES Library: Brooklyn Based Artist Chat Travieso created a little free library bench on the Lower East Side. And to fit in with the diverse community – its displays the word “library” in English, Spanish or Chinese, depending on where a person views it from.

What’s New in Bedding? An invention who people who hate making beds. Designers Jon Wheatley and Marshall Haas have created a new sheet set called Smart Bedding. The top sheet and the duvet connect at the edges using a snap system – all to save you time in making your bed. (via @Maggie)

Do This Tonight: Olive Oil 101 at the O Live Brooklyn in South Williamsburg. They will teach you the basics and you’ll get a bottle to take home.

— Lauren m

word. daily. (july 11, 2013)

The Worst or The Best Ice Cream Man?: Prankster Roman Atwood drives around an ice cream truck and is serving up fruits and vegetables instead. How do you feel about this? I’m with one of the customers when he says, “Nobody wants no effin broccoli!”

In Magna Carta Holy Grail News: Jay-Z performed at the Pace Gallery for six hours yesterday where he was a live art piece rapping a version of “Picasso Baby,” his latest single from the album.

What 3 Words?: Sometimes, “Where are we meeting?” can be a hard question to answer – site What 3 Words is looking to make that much easier. It’s a Google-powered mapping site that has assigned unique three-word phrases to every two meter piece of land on the planet. SAY WA? The three word phrase for 300 Park Avenue South is: “words.liked.dwell.”

— Lauren

word. daily. (‘merica edition).

Things we should all have for our long weekend:

·         This fourth of July poster: LINK

·         These crackling crystals: LINK

·         This 9-layer ombre cake: LINK

·         Or if you’re looking for something a little lighter, this sorbet: LINK

·         These hot dog wrappers: LINK

·         This 4th of July outfit: ATTN EMILY M.: LINK

·         This tank: ATTN CHRIS SAUER: LINK

·         This USA shaped cutting board: LINK

·         And….this….:LINK

— Lauren M.

word. daily. (july 2, 2013)

Side by Side: Check out a comparison of two Chicago papers – one with a real photographer and one without. Can you tell the difference?

Side by Side 2!: At Gorditos, a Mexican restaurant in Seattle, they will make a burrito the size of your baby.

No Thanks!: What do you think about these? Vibrating train windows that will transmit ads directly into your skull. Cool use of technology but, no thanks!

And if you missed my Google Glass rundown today: watch this to catch up.

— Lauren M.